<VV> AMT models, was: corvair "yenko stinger/fitch sprint" misnomer model on ebay!

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 12 15:16:17 EDT 2010

It's simply a '68 year model AMT kit. It should have all the pieces to
build the model as either a stock '68 Monza, Yenko, or Fitch equipped car.
However it would NOT have the stock wheel covers.

All AMT kits from year model 1968 until the Prestige kit were missing the
stock wheel covers. The '67 kit had them, but were Corsa covers. The
Prestige kit and the subsequent reissue had the correct Monza covers, and
are the only kits so supplied. However, they both have chrome plugs instead
of red transparent taillights, and don't have correct tires, either. 

All kits from '68 up are basically the same, though, and of the '68-9 Monza
variety. Also, ALL kits are manual trans kits, though the '67 kit does have
an automatic trans dash, and is the only one to have it. There also may
have been two '67 issues, as year issue kits up to then had the year set
into the license plate area front and back. The '67 year may have had both
year-dated plates and plain plates versions.

The worst kit (for building a stock Corvair) is the Corvair Custom kit,
with a red car on the top and end panels, and a yellow one on the side.
It's missing the stock wheel covers, seats, steering wheel, and rear deck

I either have all the missing/incorrect parts in stock, on back order, or
am in the process of getting them made. I also have up-tops, boots,
automatic trans conversion kits, and other parts either available or on
back order.

I also have mastered a '66-7 Monza 4door, which will be available soon.
I'll have my model parts for sale in the vending room at the convention.


> [Original Message]
> From: Ray R. \(aka Grymm\) <vairguy at echoes.net>
> Subject: <VV> corvair "yenko stinger/fitch sprint" misnomer model on ebay!
> Many of you have probably run accross this kit before but it's the first
time I saw it and I thought many here would be interested.
> Take a look at this ebay item
9.l1259 .  
> It's a vintage AMT plastic model kit of a Corvair.... but the box is
clearly lableled "Yenko Stinger", and yet the picture on the box and the
model kit are CLEARLY a fitch sprint... complete with not only the fitch
roof but also the standard green and black Fitch Sprint paint job!  
> I wonder if anything came of this.. seems Fitch could really have made a
fuss at the time if he wanted to.... and don't these companies have to buy
the rights to produce models like this???  Who got paid?  Fitch or Yenko?
> I'm almost tempted to buy it as a curiosity.. maybe I'll make a bid.
> Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III
> Lake Ariel, PA
> CORSA member
> 66' Corsa 140/4 coupe
> 65' Corsa 140/4 coupe (under construction and almost done!)
> 63' Monza PG coupe (next project)

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