<VV> pulley source?

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 14 13:16:57 EDT 2010


I've never had much problem with belt clearance.You sure the rear motor
mount bracket is a correct LM bracket?

Also, there are two "stock" pulleys that can be used, the a/c pulley and
the smogger pulley. The latter is a little smaller in diameter. That may
help you.


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> Subject: <VV> pulley source?
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> Seth,
> You want a AC pulley that is different from the stock AC pulley?  Do  you 
> need a different diameter to drive the aftermarket compressor?
> Bob
> Bob - The car that I am working on was an original 65 A/C car. Somewhere
> way before it came to me - the owner swapped in a 66 condenser and an  
> aftermarket compressor. He managed to strip the mounting holes in the
head as  
> well, but that is another issue. The stock A/C pulley sits about 1/8"
> the motor mount, making it impossible to put any belt on. Since I will be

> "relocating" the compressor, when I can fix the heads, I want to try to 
> it all forward a little, closer to the balancer. That would give me
> room to change the belt. I know that since there has been a trend to  add 
> A/C to cars which didn't have it, originally, there might be another 
> around which would fit "closer" to the balancer.  That is what I am 
> The same diameter as stock would be fine. I might also try to modify a  
> stocker. 
> Seth  Emerson

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