<VV> Early 1960 -- Almost

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Jun 15 00:03:32 EDT 2010

At 07:22 AM 6/14/2010, Steven J. Serenska wrote:
>I saw this car on Craigslist
>(http://providence.craigslist.org/cto/1784977140.html).  Due to its
>proximity to my home and the recent discussion about finding the
>earliest 1960's out there, I emailed the seller and asked him for the
>VIN.  He told me that it's 00569W1862.
>The car is rough (e.g., the Fred Flintstone braking system), but I
>thought I'd try in case the VIN was in the low hundreds.  In the
>unlikely event that anyone is interested, I can go take a look for them,
>but I think the pictures, in this case, tell the story.

It doesn't look THAT bad.   Some floorpans would take care of the 
Flintstone syndrome and the rest of the car doesn't seem to be too 
worse off for being a half-century old.   No horn slots 
though...  but if someone wanted a '60 so as to join the caveman 
club, this one might not be too bad a start.   I'd be curious to know 
where the rest of the VIN went though... missing a couple of numbers.


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