<VV> Radios WAS No-option cars

Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Wed Jun 16 05:26:00 EDT 2010

Back when I worked at a garage in the 70's
There was a lady who had a Ford Maverick, she ordered with no radio.
She had saved the AM/FM radio out of her Corvair and had it sitting on the
tray the Maverick's had below the dash.(She also had her Corvair rubber
floor mats in the car)
We used to work on her car all the time, and I always offered her a
"different" radio in exchange. She held out though until she bought a Nova
in the early 80's and she then sold me the AM/FM and floor mats for $25.
Still using that radio, but I did have to get it fixed once.

Gary Swiatowy
Subject: Re: <VV> Radios WAS No-option cars

In the 50s and on into the Corvair era it was common practice to buy a new
car without a radio then buy one from a junkyard ... Even into the mid 60s
the junkyard did a pretty good business in used radios, enough that every
working radio was removed and put on the shelf.
Ken P


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