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Wed Jun 16 09:00:18 EDT 2010

My 1966 500 coupe, which has traveled 23,000 miles since new, has the 
following factory and dealer-available options:

-Powerglide instead of 3-speed stick
-110-hp engine instead of 95-hp
-AM-FM radio instead of no radio at all
-Deluxe seat belts instead of regular seat belts
-Full-width front floor mat *
-In-dash clock instead of blank plate
-Quick steering instead of regular steering

It is a somewhat unusual assortment of options on a 500.

One un-authentic option it has is a set of seat extenders, which I installed.

*  When I bought the car in 1999 from the original owner, the first 
thing I did was remove the factory rubber "carpet" to find out what 
shape the floors were in.  500s are notorious for rusting their 
floors more rapidly than the other models, due to the rubber floor 
covering trapping moisture.  Well, the floors were perfect -- still 
with factory paint on them -- but I did not put the rubber floor 
covering back in.  I bought repro carpets from Clark's, then bought 
the dealer-accessory full-width front floor mat from the late Mike Harrison.

--Bob Marlow

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