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If it'll make you feel any better, Kent, listen to this story.

When I first got my convertible at Easter '71, the engine padding was not
all that great. So I ordered in a full set. The engine lid and left side
came in, but the right side came back as newly discontinued. So I ordered a
'68-9 pad, which came in. Due to the fact that the '68-9 pad has a notch
cut out for the sidelight, I never put the pads in the car. That should
have told me something right there.

Fast forward to '91, when I bought #5999. Some time after I had first seen
the car in '88, while Hal Smith still had the car, it was piled into in the
right rear. The repair shop removed the padding along with the damaged
quarter, but failed to replace the pad after the repair. Loss #1. So when I
got 5999, it was missing the right pad (and the left one in not too good a
shape), and here I was with a full set of NOS engine pads in the original
shipping cartons!

But now it gets even more interesting. Because the engine compartment had
all that black tar/gritty, sandy crap that the body shop had sprayed all
over it, I installed the engine lid pad but not the side pads. Instead,
when I delivered the car to the Virginia museum location, I left the engine
pads there at the museum, still in the original shipping carton. Now for
the tale of tragedy. When the museum closed, the carton went missing, and
was never located. Loss #2.

But wait, there's more! Clark's donated a set of pads for the car, which
were delivered to Tony Vizyak's storage building, where the car was then in
storage. They were never installed. Loss #3. So before I delivered the car
to the Iowa museum,  I put a pair of my own in-stock new engine pads IN THE
TRUNK for safe keeping. These pads are 1)a repop right side, and 2)a NOS
factory original left side. Neither have the sidelight notches in them. The
interesting thing about the left side pad is that I had picked up several
of them at the last convention we had in Chicago a few years ago, as if
"the man upstairs" knew I'd need another one for 5999.

I intend to talk to Tony about the engine pads when I next talk to him.
Maybe I'll at least get the repop pads back as compensation.


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> Subject: Re: [SCG] <VV> Origin of "Bone-Stock"? [LONG]
> Hi,
> Perhaps the only "shocking secret" about my blue Canadian factory stock
> restored convertible is that the distributor is not really right. It is
> indeed the correct LM turbo distributor (as far as concours is concerned),
> P/N 1110239, but the date code is way off for the build date of the car
> compared to the date codes on the other original electrical components.
> The engine had the original distributor when I bought the car, but it was
> "lost". It's a painful story that I won't detail here, but suffice to say
> that someone gave it (in its un-rebuilt original form) to someone else who
> was in need, not realizing that it was important to me to keep the
> parts with the car. The person replaced it with an "equivalent" unit --
> which would be fine for any other Corvair but this one is so close to
> all of the numbers matching that I would like to try to find one closer to
> being correct.
> In any case, I am looking for a 1110239 distributor with a date code
> beginning with either 5J or 5K, based on the date codes of the other
> original electrical components. I would like to trade if possible.
> on the condition of the item to be traded, I have both a used 5D16
> distributor and a completely-restored 6A19 distributor, both 1110239 turbo
> units. The date code is next to the part number on the base casting.
> If you can help out, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> --Kent
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> Subject: Re: <VV> Origin of "Bone-Stock"? [LONG]
> Hi,
> Based on the replies I received, it sounds like there is interest in the
> details of the over-the-top things we did when restoring my '66 Canadian
> Corsa turbo convertible. I should first mention that some important
> items were still with the car when I bought it, fortunately; specifically
> the engine, transmission, and turbocharger.
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