<VV> Multi-option cars (was: No-option cars)

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 09:38:38 EDT 2010

Just curious. Did you use black carpet, or colored to match the interior
(if the interior isn't black)?


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> My 1966 500 coupe, which has traveled 23,000 miles since new, 
> *  When I bought the car in 1999 from the original owner, the first 
> thing I did was remove the factory rubber "carpet" to find out what 
> shape the floors were in.  500s are notorious for rusting their 
> floors more rapidly than the other models, due to the rubber floor 
> covering trapping moisture.  Well, the floors were perfect -- still 
> with factory paint on them -- but I did not put the rubber floor 
> covering back in.  I bought repro carpets from Clark's, then bought 
> the dealer-accessory full-width front floor mat from the late Mike
> --Bob Marlow

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