<VV> Hemmings' Classic Car, now unrelated, but funny!

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 19 16:30:13 EDT 2010

Could be he was referring to Caterpillar. Big cats rule! But then small
cats are the cat's meow. (G)

-Mark (cat lover, too)

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> Subject: <VV> Hemmings' Classic Car, now unrelated, but funny!
> Lawrence Jahn wrote:
> > The front cover of the August edition of Clasic Cat features Jay Leno
> Of course, we all recognize that Mr Jahn made a typo with "cat" instead 
> of "car," something we all have done.
> But it reminded me of a full-page ad in a newspaper around here, 
> probably 20 years ago, promoting a monster truck event.  The ad listed 
> all the big-name trucks that would be there (y'know, the BigFoot and 
> Gravedigger genre) and then included a headline in HUGE type, hyping the 
> fact that there would be a car-crushing contest.  It read, again in HUGE 
> type:
> I thought it was a riot, but it nearly caused one, thanks to outraged 
> animal lovers.  The ad had to be reprinted in its entirely in a 
> subsequent issue, with the word "cat" changed to "car."
> Note, I am myself an animal lover, but I have a sense of humor.  I knew 
> that the ad was an error, not a plan to drop a monster truck on kitty.
> --Bob Marlow

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