<VV> Convention Update

Jamie & Tanya Reinhart jtreinhart at omnitelcom.com
Mon Jun 21 08:39:35 EDT 2010

All, Just finished our 6:30 AM"issues" meeting. Everything is going well with only a few small problems to take care of. Biggest problem for the day is weather.There is a 50% of rain today and right now it is overcast, dark, and we have light sprinkles. Preparations for Concours classification have begun and if it continues to rain we have a tent pitched in a near by parking lot where the classifiers can inspect 4 cars at a time. Concours shows 53 cars entered at this time. We are waiting to hear from the parks dept. if they will let us use the flower gardens for the Concours as plnned but it doesn't look good. There has been lots of rain lately and the ground is pretty well soaked. We have several alterative spots for holding the event, we just need to decide which one will work out best. Stress level is a little up this morning but not too bad. I need to go get ready for the board meeting. It will be an interesting day. Thanks and more later.

Jamie Reinhart
CORSA Central Director
2010 Convention Coordinator

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