<VV> Door Jamb Switches in 500s

Rodney Spooner rodneyspooner at corvairgarage.com
Mon Jun 21 14:38:55 EDT 2010

On "Ol' Blue", my 1960 500 4-door daily driver, there are holes drilled in
the driver side and passenger side A-pillars where the dome light switch is
supposed to be located but there is no dome light switch or a pigtail to
wire it up. In place of the switch there is a plastic plug that resembles
something like a plastic wall anchor. There are wires that run up to the
dome light which is (I assume, because mine doesn't seem to be working)
turned on and off by twisting the headlight switch. Incidentally, there is a
connector between the dash harness and A-pillar which could conceivably
allow for some sort of pigtail to be connected if a switch were installed.

Vairy truly yours,
Rodney Spooner

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For the VVers who were discussing 500 models with no door jamb switches for
the dome light:

When the door jamb switches were deleted, was there still a hole punched in
the A pillar (and, if so, was it was plugged?), or was there no hole in the
pillar when the switch was deleted?

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