<VV> Door Jamb Switches in 500s

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I'm pretty sure the hole was there or maybe a knock-out. It was a long time ago - mid 70's. I still have the car but its covered with vegetation.

Steve Gangi

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For the VVers who were discussing 500 models with no door jamb switches 
for the dome light:

When the door jamb switches were deleted, was there still a hole punched 
in the A pillar (and, if so, was it was plugged?), or was there no hole 
in the pillar when the switch was deleted?

I am asking because I think the answer would be interesting to note with 
respect to Kent Sullivan's observation that any option (or delete of an 
option) which required the body to be manufactured differently by Fisher 
Body would show up as a code on the body tag.

So, for stripper 500's without a dome light switch, was there a hole in 
the pillar, or is it just smooth metal?  And, if there's no hole, which 
code on the body tag would reflect this?

Steven "nothing beats looking at a good stripper" Serenska

'65 Monza Convertible, 110/4, noisy throwout bearing lately
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