<VV> Parts Inventory System

Ian Harding harding.ian at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 00:18:47 EDT 2010

I am working on an inventory system for you guys.  It's in its very
beginning stages, but I think it's time to get some input.

The idea is that you have a place to keep your inventories of parts
that you have, and parts that you want.  Your want list will be
compared to other people's have lists and you can have the results
mailed to you.  If you are interested, you can contact people through
the system.  Nobody has their email revealed to the general public.

I hate entering stuff into web sites, so I decided that this system
will work via email at least for now.

If you have a spreadsheet listing of the parts you have on hand, or
perhaps the parts you are looking for, and would like to help me test,
I'd appreciate it if you could:

1.  Save it as CSV <- IMPORTANT
2.  Email it as an attachment to parts at gmpartswiki.com
3.  Use a subject that includes the words "For Sale" or "Wanted"
depending on which spreadsheet it is

I'd like to get feedback on how the process works and whether it breaks.

* At a minimum, the first row must be column names, and one of them
must be "name".
* Other optional columns are "description", "location", "quantity",
"condition" and "price".
* You can also add whatever other columns you like, they get treated a
little differently in the system, but you won't see the difference.

For best results, don't have multiple columns with the same name.
Only the last one with a value will be remembered...

Right now all I have working is the import and validation process.
The search is easy enough to do, and will be next, so feel free to
send in "wanted" spreadsheets too.

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