<VV> convention pics- a favor to ask

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Tue Jun 22 13:24:43 EDT 2010

Keep in mind that I want the wheels as far to the outside of the car as 
possible without them hitting.... and I'm willing to roll the opening lip 
etc. to increase clearance.  Ideally by my standards (for appearance) the 
outside edge of the wheel/tire should be perfectly flush with the outside 
edge of the car, but in most cases I wind up at least a half inch or more 
inside.  I love the way nearly all the custom wheels available fit on my 
lates, I've had aftermarket 14x7's on every late car I've owned.

According to the vair wheels website you just weld up one hole and then 
drill the five.  You weld up one because one of the five new holes will 
always encroach on one of the original holes.

I would rather keep the four lugs, but I read that going to 5 isnt that big 
a deal and it opens up a LOT more options in wheels... info came Bryan 
Blackwell's site which you can find here: 

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Hi Ray,

I must clarify.  While it is possible to do that - it is possible to do 
anything with enough welding rod - I do *not* suggest doing so.  No!  It is 
not hard to find wheels that fit earlies, if you change to 5 lug wheels 
you'll end up with the same problem as a late - most wheels don't really 
*fit*.  Keep the four lugs.


On Jun 22, 2010, at 6:16 AM, Ray R. (aka Grymm) wrote:

> I'm looking for aggressive looking custom wheels for the 63'.  If someone 
> has a good deal on 5 lug wheels that would work I guess I could weld and 
> drill the hubs according to the ski-black website.. don't know how much of 
> a pain the job is.

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