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> Any opinions or warnings regarding fuel additives such as Lucas or Marvel 
> Mystery Oil? 
> Currently, my recently acquired 1964 110/4SPD seems to like STA-BIL. 
> Any negatives or precautions to combining Lucas or Marvel Mystery oil with the 
> Thanks, Tony
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 Tony- A really good fuel additive is Techron, and works as advertised to clean dirty valves in as little as

one tank of gas. I have had horrible problems with my early turbo going lean on 2,4,6 and going richer

on 1,3,5 - no matter what the engine and carburetor set-up is, no matter how often I boost it, 2,4,6 start

running lean after a few thousand miles, and 1,3,5 will go rich at the same time. Every time I popped the

heads off, the only thing I could ever find wrong was that the intake valves on 2,4,6 were getting carboned

up really bad- kind of frustrating for somebody (like me) that boosts their car everyday to prevent that 

very problem! I noticed the plug color difference soon after our local gas station switched from Chevron

to Shell, and found that I could keep the plug colors looking really good (i.e. nearly identical on both sides

of the engine) by adding a bottle of Techron every 2000 miles or so. A few years ago, Shell started advertising

their fuel additive, claiming it would keep valves clean- so I tested their claims when I got my new rebuilt

engine going in 2008. After 2000 miles or so, 2,4,6 started going lean again, 1,3,5 started going rich at the

same time- 2 tanks of techron restored the plug colors. My take on all this is that while the Shell additive

probably works just fine for modern fuel injected cars, it doesnt work for older carbureted air-cooled engines!


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