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John Kepler jekepler at amplex.net
Fri Jun 25 11:58:16 EDT 2010

>Doesn't chroming make parts brittle?

It can.  NOT making them brittle requires normalizing the steel, a
controlled heating process, before it's plated to prevent hydrogen
embrittlement.  Since suspension parts are generally forgings, the
"normalizing" step has to be done VERY carefully by people that have GOOD
equipment and know what the hell they're doing, otherwise you screw-up the
micro-structure of the forging.  It's NOT something you send to Enrique's
Plating and Taco Shop in that really NICE part of town that does things
SOOOOO cheap!

>I remember reading somewhere that you should never chrome suspension
>components because the process causes  Hydrogen embrittlement?

You got it in one!

>_ And I failed chamistry___

I didn't.....metallurgy neither!


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