<VV> Some info on Convention results

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
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Harland calls it a roadster.  He cut the top off of coupe.  I'm not sure if
that was before or after he dropped the blown 383 Chevy into it.  

Did Chevy ever make a 383 with a blower or a stock Corvair drive train that
could take that kind of punishment. 

I know Steve Goodman built the trans and diff for Harlan.  It amazes me that
it hangs together with probably 4 times the torque it was designed for.  It
shows Harlan and Seth are really smooth drivers.  If they dropped the clutch
there wouldn't be any teeth in part of the ring gear.


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Congrats, Seth!

I will make one comment having seen that "67 Convertible" - it doesn't look
to me like the top goes up.  There are one or two other items that might not
be as Chevy sold it.  Perhaps "67 Converted" would be more accurate ;-)


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