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Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 17:24:40 EDT 2010

Well, this year's convention is over. It was the 40th CORSA convention, so
I tried to get all those who attended the first one in '71 together for a
photo-op. That was like herding cats. For the most part, it didn't happen,
much as I tried. Finally, during the car display, I DID manage to get a
shot taken of myself and Tom Seversin with our two cars. Probably the only
two cars from the '71 convention still in the "original" owners' hands
along with their owners. I've owned my convert since Easter '71, but I
don't know how much longer Tom's had his '64 Spyder Sprint convert. 

The rest of the group were Larry Claypool, Ron Fedorziak, Mike McKeel, and
Ken Maxwell. The latter two had to leave before I got it all together, and
Larry bowed out, while Ron was still roaming around shooting pictures.
Sorry if I missed anyone else. BTW Larry, Ron, and myself are the only ones
who have attended all 40 conventions, and Larry holds the record for having
driven to the most ones, usually (but NOT always) in a Corvair.

The one big topic at the business meeting was CORSA's financial conditon.
The easy part is that, obviously, we've been spending more than we take in.
The hard part is how to get the two into alignment. Many solutions were
talked about, and I wish the board well in solving this issue. 

One thing I'd like to propose to address this is the setting up and HEAVY
promotion of an endowment program. The Grand Lodge in Ohio many years ago
set up such a program. It works this way. A member pays a precalculated
figure based on his local dues and age, plus his next year's dues. This
money is then invested, and starting the following year, the interest off
it pays his dues for the year. When he passes away, that interest money
still keeps coming in, while any overhead costs of his membership
disappears. The interest then becomes a pure asset to the lodge. If set up
right, with the right figures calculate in, this could eventually allow
CORSA to function forever. It's not the solution to the present situation,
but could ultimately make the future brighter. BTW, a year's dues differs
from lodge to lodge, but averages not much over CORSA's yearly dues, while
an endowed membership (based on local lodge dues) averages around $900.

Also at this year's convention, I noticed a lot more a/c cars, '67's, and
LM 4doors in attendance. Maybe it's my imagination and I'm just looking for
them, but then again, maybe these past year's posts of mine have made them
more attractive to the membership. I know that a/c is continuing to gain
interest. Also, maybe '67's are no longer the forgotten year (along with
'68's, which STILL are pretty invisible). And possibly owners of 4doors
aren't ashamed to bring them to the convention anymore. Through my VV posts
this past year, I've had an amazing number of people tell me that they like
the 4doors or are searching for a good 4door to buy. Maybe good things are
finally about to happen for us 4door lovers. Maybe it's time to start
another special interest group, aimed at 4door people? 

In answer to the wag that said that they had "too many doors", I say that
2doors have "2 few doors". There are those who want "a 2door and a 4speed
manual", while I want "a 4door and a 2speed 'glide". (G) Long live 4doors,
upon which even GM stylists felt they had done their best work! (Sorry for
straying from the convention topic - NOT! LOL)

A thought I had, which I expressed to several others including Jamie
Rinehart and Carl Kelsen, was that maybe tech sessions and other
informative seminars could either 1) be video taped and played back later
in the hospitality room on a continuous loop, or 2) be given an encore
presentation later in the convention schedule. Both would allow those who
would have to miss them due to schedule conflicts to take them in. The
first could even be used to preserve the info for posterity and even future
DVD sales. Carl himself said that he wouldn't be against giving his talk
again. Wish we had had the chance, as all I've heard is rave reviews of it.

I wasn't able to hold the Stock Corvair Group Event as planned, but I tried
to arrange to evaluate several cars later in the week. I got one done, and
missed another appointment with one. Also, I was really too tired at the
appointed time to catch up to the other two. My appologies to these people.
I'd like to recommend that the SCG Event be held AFTER the SCG group
meeting, so that better arrangements can be made in those circumstances. I
just didn't have any available help, and I have to admit that I'm not the
best person to evaluate a '60, which is what all but one of them were. The
SCG meeting came off reasonably well, though, considering the circumstances.

I also felt having the banquet a day earlier to be a bad idea. First, it
cuts short the vending time for indoor vendors (and I was one of them).
Second, it makes anything held afterwards (like the car display) seem
anticlaimatic, and a let-down. Don't get me wrong, though. The car display
was very good. But it just seemed the day was a  letdown. So I STILL feel
that the banquet should be the last thing on the schedule. I ended up
getting tired of the sun, and, realizing that I still could get home before
the crack of dawn, I left before the end and the awards ceremony. Didn't
really say my goodbyes to all. But I'll miss all of you, until we see one
another again next year! It's always just like a family reunion. And it's a
family of choice, what could be better?


P.S. If anyone wants to comment on any part of the above, please create
another subject thread title if you would.

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