<VV> telescopic column for sale and that 4 door I talked about-pics

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The folding rear seat was standard on Monza and Corsa models, optional on 500 models. If it was on a 500, you'd be at least somewhat right. 

The remote mirror IS pretty rare, though. As is the tutone "C" pillar molding.


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I'll have to pass, but you do have another rare item there also... Rear folding seat ??? And the remote mirror

Sent from my iPhone... this thing is awesome

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Hey all,

Lots of people asking for updates on this, and I just got to see the car for the first time.  As expected the car is bad, I hoped to get a pleasant surprise but that was not the case here!

Firstly, the car is a 65', not a 66 as I was originally told.  It is a 65' 4-door that appears to have been originally equipped with a 140, 4 speed, bucket seats, and telescopic column... but it is a real rust bucket.  I'm planning to keep the engine and trans, but if someone makes me a good offer I might consider it... I'm in need of money to finish the 2 project cars I've got.

The steering wheel has a gap at the left side (see photo) from the wood shrinking I guess.. didn't have time to inspect it closely but I got a picture.  

Please see pics:












Please E-mail me any and all offers!  


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