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Sun Jun 27 14:02:46 EDT 2010

Hi Folks!
Had a GREAT time at the convention!  It was really great to see everyone again.  (It's been since 2001 that I've been to a National due to many problems at home.  Divorce solved most those problems, ugh - another story completely) 

Anyway, I Took 3rd in my class on the econo-run and 15th in the rally! (Never rally'd before).  I might be able to chalk that up to my superb navigator.

Had tire troubles both going to and coming home from the convention.  My 65 Monza convert was wearing 4-205/70 x 13 tires I bought new from Canadian Tire 10 years ago.  Two of them suffered cord separations.  I won't say how old my spare was but it got me around Cedar Rapids until I could mount up the two tires I bought from Gary Nelson (Corvair Minnesota) at the swap meet.  OK, so now I've decided that I'm not going to fool with 13" tires anymore on this car that I drive regularly.  Does anyone on the list have a set of 15" x 7" Camaro rally wheels with caps and trim rings they want to sell?  Email me off-list with what you have and price.  I think 15s are the best bet because they are still pretty plentiful.  I might even go to 16s.  I'm just beginning to check out my options.


Take care.

Paul Sergeant
65 Monza Convertible (110/PG)
61 Pontiac Tempest Safari Wagon 
Coming soon ... 66 Corsa Coupe (140/4 - 28,000 orig. miles)

CORSA since 1975
Member - Corvair Minnesota, CORSA, POCI, Little Indians.

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