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Sun Jun 27 18:19:15 EDT 2010

I have recently installed a dual master cylinder in my 1965 Corsa and am having a problem with the brakes. They work too well! I have only driven the car twice since the install. At the same time I also added steel braided brake lines to replace the original old rubber ones and Kevlar lined shoes. The second time I drove the car, as I was returning home, I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to get the car moving from a stop. Eventually the brake pedal would not depress as it seemed to be stuck in the totally up position. I ended up trailering the car the last few miles home. When I got the car up on stands the drums were very hard to remove. It seems that I had assembled everthing correctly as I checked against a set of brakes from another Corvair. However the front wheel cylinders were both leaking so I replaced them with new units. After re-assembling everything and bleeding the system I tried rotating the hubs, without wheels on them, and had a lot of drag. I had done the hard/harder test to make sure there was no leakage prior to spinning the 
drums. Because of the drag I pulled the drums off again, with difficulty. At that point, I noticed that the top of the shoes where were not in contact with the pivot pin and I could not push on the shoes hard enough by hand to cause the wheel cylinder pins to to retract into the wheel cylinder. It seems that there may be something in the master cylinder that is not allowing the fluid to return into to master. Anyone have any experience like this or some good ideas for me to follow up on?

Bill Sanders
Silicon Valley CORSA

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