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What  about all those factory rally wheels that Ford, Olds, Buick, 
Chrysler,  AMC, Chevy, Pontiac, and so many others were putting on 
lots of high perf  cars for many years, which were nearly all non-hub 
concentric  wheels?


I don't have any racing experience (a little autocross), but I am one of  
those who are still not comfortable putting non-hub concentric after market  
wheels on my LM.  When GM put those special wheels on their performance  
cars that you reference above it would seem to me they knew the wheels and or  
the studs/nets were stronger.  My point to Ken earlier was that the  wheel 
mounting was made for hub concentric wheels and that adding non-hub  
concentric wheels places all the load and centering load on the studs and  shoulder 
lug nuts which increases the stud load over that of a stock wheel  with the 
load carrying center hub.
I'm not saying that the aftermarket wheels aren't strong enough, I'm just  
making the point that with a non hub concentric wheel all the load is now on 
the  studs/nuts and I would like to know how to determine when that load is 
too  much.  The wheel manufacturers don't have much info on that  
question--disclaimers abound but finding much real information is pretty  difficult.
Bob Hall
Group Corvair

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