<VV> Catch in Clutch

gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Tue Jun 29 15:04:26 EDT 2010

Last year a friend of mine had the clutch pedal and arm fall of his 63.
The bushing was badly worn and with the many years, it wore the arm so finally whatever was retaining it just fell out.
He drove it home with no clutch.
He waved the arm at me out his window, I was following him home from a show.

Last week, someone else had me listen to his clutch pedal at a cruise night.
It is creaking badly, noise under the dash.
Don't know if it's the pivot, or the cable. Needed a flash light to see what was going on and did not have one.

Gary Swiatowy

> From: Mark Durham <62vair at gmail.com>
> Subject: <VV> Catch in Clutch
> Catch in Clutch pedal condition: OK, guys, put on your thinking hats. Ever
> since I have had this car (1500 miles in 2 years) there has been an
> occasional "catch" in the clutch. It gets real hard to push the last inch or
> so of travel and you can barely shift, and if you hold it in with pressure
> on it, it twangs and releases and goes to the floor like it should? Then it
> won't do it for awhile, then will do it again. I'm puzzled, usually when
> something breaks, its consistently broken! :):)

> What I have done: Replaced the flywheel with a Dales Bolted
>                            Replaced pressure plate with a rebuilt
>                            Replaced clutch disc and throw out bearing
>                            Completed a thorough inspection of the
> snout the throw out bearing rides on, its original and in perfect shape (car
> only has 67K original miles on it)
> None of this changed the condition.
> Anyone had this problem? Could it be in the clutch arm that transfers the
> cable motion to the rod? (I'm hopeful)
> Mark Durham

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