<VV> Corvair Lakewood promo model?

Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Wed Nov 3 04:56:28 EDT 2010

I've never seen one either.
Funny, the description does not match the model.
I believe that's one of the resin kits put together using a promo chassis. I
have never seen any indication a promo wagon was ever made. One of None.
This person is selling a LOT of Corvair promo models lately.
Is someone re-producing them?
Or did he just hit the mother lode?

Gary Swiatowy

From: "Dave Leonard" <dave at arborlea.com>
Subject: <VV> Corvair Lakewood promo model?

Of all the promo Corvair models I have seen over the years, I have never
seen a Lakewood!  Had no idea one was ever made.  But there it is, on eBay
of course.  Item # 390258659409.  Has to be amazingly rare I would think.




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