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Taruffi57 at aol.com Taruffi57 at aol.com
Sun Nov 7 08:44:32 EST 2010

Helluva story, Smitty.  
Let's start with the first breakdown.  The coil failure.  First  of all, I 
wouldn't have been able to diagnose it, and secondly, if I was lucky  enough 
to find someone who did, I would have somehow gotten one and changed  it.  
Second failure, I would have walked a few paces up the highway and  stuck 
out my thumb.  The Corvair would have been divorced.....  for  good.   Adios, 
I'm outta here.  So long.  In fact, I  actually did that with a red 
Greenbriar which broke it's diff. -- or was it  Powerglide.  Right in the heart of 
Orlando at a major intersection.
See sentence above.  I walked.  Called a known Corvair parts  purveyor and 
donated it.  That'll teach it to mess with ME.
You see, there are guys like you, who make this hobby great, and there are  
guys who only know how to put the key in the ignition and steer & brake, 
and  there are guys like me;  Car nuts who are basically parts changers.   
That means NOT failure diagnosticians.  I think our Category are the most  in 
numbers.  Sure we'd love to know what you know, but we're either too  lazy to 
do the research or we don't have anyone to advise/train us.   Actually, I'm 
doing a whole lot of things right now on my re-assembly of my  recently 
painted  '69 that I have never before undertaken.
So, I respect your vast mechanical/diagnostic knowledge and just hope that  
I haven't offended you to the point that if I break down at a Corvair 
Event, you  won't deny me temporary use of your knowledge and parts stash.  But 
if you  do, I'll just put in on my trailer and slink away back 
home........and hope it  hurts your feelings.
Joe Dunlap

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