<VV> Baffled Installation

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Mon Nov 15 21:02:24 EST 2010

Tell it like it is Brother Smith!
All us true believers know!

Yea though I've squashed a few tubes back in the day!
I now use the "tool" in the proper way.
Scratched nary a surface an O ring will sit,
Never have I beat the P#$% out of it.
Forgot the fan and Installed the shroud,
Of that error I am not very proud.
I've stabbed in the tubes no baffle to be found,
I quit right there, threw my tools to the ground.

Brother Lone Haranguer

> Smitty Says;   In the matter of pushrod tube removal, cut the guy some
> slack.  If you have never done the job and it isn't in the shop manual 
> that
> there is a special tool then how the heck is he to know.  Tach Guide?
> Don't be absurd.  Not a one of us bought every book available on Corvairs
> before we attempted out first repair.  I read several negative references 
> to
> using channel locs.  I wouldn't use them either because their grasping
> surfaces are straight.  I do however use large slip joint gas pliers. 
> Open
> them to the wide setting and grasp the tube at 90 degrees.  Rotate the 
> tube
> to break it loose and then use a very large screwdriver against the block
> lower flange to lever the tube out.  Does it sometimes leave tool marks on
> the tubes?  I suppose it does.  I have serious doubts that it will affect
> the flow of cooling air that passes by.  Nobody but a true obsessive would
> worry about that.  As for the Quote Special tool Unquote.  I have seen
> plenty of mangled O ring grooves and bent tubes from using them.  That is 
> a
> lot more likely to cause future leaks than nicks in the outside of the 
> tube
> will.  People get that fancy tool and run into one of those O rings that 
> are
> really baked on  and just pound the P*** out of it.  Somebody in this 
> forum
> will say, Oh, I always rotate the tube to break the O rings loose.  What?
> You put pliers on them.  Well why not just go ahead and pop the tube out
> while you are at it?
> To get back to the original subject of this thread.  So a guy who does not
> work on Corvair engines regularly failed to install the baffles.  Let's
> forget that he was set up by them not being made available to him.  All 
> the
> people who have built more than two or three engines and never forgot them
> "stand up".  The rest of us will just sit here and smile cause we know you
> are fibbing.

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