<VV> Baffled Installation

J R Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 15 21:40:19 EST 2010

Let it be a learning experience.

Twice is NOT nice!

Later, JR

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> Tell it like it is Brother Smith!
> All us true believers know!
> Yea though I've squashed a few tubes back in the day!
> I now use the "tool" in the proper way.
> Scratched nary a surface an O ring will sit,
> Never have I beat the P#$% out of it.
> Forgot the fan and Installed the shroud,
> Of that error I am not very proud.
> I've stabbed in the tubes no baffle to be found,
> I quit right there, threw my tools to the ground.
> Brother Lone Haranguer

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