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I read some time ago that the Studebaker club suggest using Shell Alvania 00 semi fluid grease, I could only found it in 35lb pails. I have used Amsoil synthetic food grade grease (http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/gxc.aspx) that is good to -35 degrees and up to 400 that comes in a 14oz tube. 
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Hi Folks! 
  I'm about to start a rebuild job on a steering gear box for my 65 Monza. 
All the internal parts have been cleaned. The case has been cleaned in the 
vat at the local machine shop, baked to remove the undercoating. Media 
blasted and a second trip to the vat, just to be sure all the media dust was 
  While I was out and about, I took a trip to the local NAPA store to ask 
what kind of fluid goes in a manual steering box. Both the countermen and 
some other patrons had a few suggestions, but nothing concrete.
  Neither the trusted Corsa Tech Guide, nor the 65 Corvair Shop Manual gave 
a definate answer. 

  So, fellow VV'ers... any suggestions? And how much fluid?

   Kelly Parker
   Corvair Atlanta
   62 Greenbrier
   65 Monza


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