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Thanks for clearing this up.  What I had written earlier was how it  was 
explained to me years ago (and just goes to show how long someone can be  
wrong and not realize it.)....
Then again, I could have misunderstood what he was trying to tell me,  
too... still, my fault.
Thanks for setting me straight!
Lonzo "sometimes knows what he's talking  about, but not this time"
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Were  crankshaft bearings  ever available as "oversized"? Were crankshafts 
ever made  by GM with  jurnals that were too big requiring bearings that 
not be   standard sized? Or do we all mean to be saying undersized?
Timothy  Shortle  in (snowing all day) Durango  Colorado

Crankshafts are ground to certain specs.  When done so, the bearing used 
called standard size (even tho they may  be different sizes for each 
journal).  When a crank has been reground  to lessen the previous diameter, 
the bearing  used must be  undersize....all per Chevrolet and industry 
standards. Corvairs   never used oversized bearings. Look in the P&A parts 
manual for  
some  examples.

Bob  Helt

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