<VV> fan housing

PETER INMAN monza1965 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 20:28:54 EDT 2011

Matt that was quick. Thanks. the reason I`m asking is sometime soon I plan on rebuilding the 64 FC block to make a 95 HP just for the torque factor on the hills we have around here. It was a 110. I dont want to waste money on a 80 engine if I cant use them on the new engine. From the way you put it the 16 blade assembly actually is better than the 11 blade assembly. In that case wouldnt it be prudent to use the 16 blade type and transfer it to the 95 HP? The one thing I do see is the crankcase vent tube in the newer style may be a factor. I`ve not had the sheetmetal off this 62 engine nor do I have a 62 manual but I dont see any crankcase vent hole in roaster on whats here. New engine will be built for lower RPM usage.
Pete Inman

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