<VV> My Barn Find Part 2

Ken Pepke kenpepke at juno.com
Wed Oct 12 20:15:22 EDT 2011

The car is badged as a 110hp and the block is stamped RD.

I drained the oil and replaced the filter.  Took the pan off to revel 1/8 to 1/4 sludge, no evidence of failed bearings.  Reassembled the pan, removed the Champion plugs ... they had been running a little cold ... and realized I was out of Marvel Mystery Oil.  None of the FLAPS in my area had it in the spray version so I settled for a spray Stabil[?] upper cylinder lube.  Trick here is to burn some through holes in the plastic squirt tube, test, then heat and flatten the end.  Now the spray goes out the sides in all directions.  With the ignition wire disconnected and the line from the gas tank disconnected at the fuel pump, I cranked the engine till the oil light went out, gave it a rest until the light came back on and I did that 4 times.  Then I replaced the plugs and wires.

I could not find my aux. gas can so I settled for spilling gas in the carbs then cranking the starter ... She fired off and ran well ... but not for long.  Looks quite promising.  It will take a while for the lifters to completely stop clicking but, they are not all that bad now!

Fuel system is next.  The tank is empty so I will pull the sender unit and borrow an examination camera to check the insides then go from there.  While it is up in the air I will go through the brakes.  I won a set of chrome 15" wheels and 'baby moon' caps a few years ago.  I will have tires installed and ready when it comes off the jack stands.

When it comes out of the garage I will take some pictures to share.

Ken P
Wyandotte, MI
Worry looks around; Sorry looks back, Faith looks up.

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