<VV> TV Corvair sighting

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 20:53:33 EDT 2011

Missy spotted a Corvair Greenbrier tonight on TV.  Disney's Phineas and Ferb
cartoon...  a wonderfully entertaining and "classic" kids show in todays
world of computer generated mindless TV garbage.  Season 2 Episode 16
features a "hippy van" on a rollercoaster track.  I was amazed to see that
the hippy van was not a VW but a Greenbrier!  Typical of cartoons it was not
100% dead on (had single rather than dual headlights) but was unmistakably a
Corvair!  The grill and profile were pretty much exact, and the tail lights
were unmistakably Greenbrier inspired.

I'm happy to report that the cartoon characters did open the correct end of
the vehicle to check the engine, which was missing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKMHw69x1RE at just a moment past 7:20 the
van is introduced.  Enjoy!

P.S.- the show features a pet platypus that unbeknownst to the kids is
actually a secret agent, and a hilarious villain named Dr. Doofenschmirtz
who is always hatching ridiculous and not terribly evil plans to take over
the "Entire TRI-STATE AREA!!!".  It really is a cute show with little
nuggets of humor for the parents.  For example, in one episode Evander
Holyfield makes an appearance.. there is a big bite taken out of his ear
which is never mentioned at all.. it's just there clear as day, I about lost

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez
Lake Ariel, PA

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