<VV> Palm Springs Weekend - October 21-23! Oh Oh!

Jay Pitchford jay.pitchford at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 07:57:59 EDT 2011

Harold had to push the date back by five months because he forgot to adjust
his calendar for God Savings Time :)

This just in from "livescience.com":
> "In an announcement on his Family Radio Network web site, Harold Camping
> stands  by his earlier predictions that the world will end on Friday, Oct.
> 21.
>  Originally, Camping had predicted hourly earthquakes and God's judgment on
> May  21, to be followed by months of torment on Earth for those individuals
> left  behind. Using numerical codes extracted from the Bible, Camping set
> the date for  the end of everything for Oct. 21.
> Well - In that case, only if the world is still  around, will I have stuff
> with me in Palm Springs! See you  there!
> Seth Emerson
> Silicone Wire Systems

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