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I wasn't going to bring this up again, but seeing as how someone else did......
We went camping in UV 338 this weekend and I thought I would check the fluid levels before the trip, When I lifted the engine cover, there was oil everywhere ! Started it up and climbed back there with a flashlight and I could see oil running down the side of the C47C filter-didn't appear to be coming from the gasket area, but lower, around the rolled seam. replaced it with an AC PF4 and all is dry again in UltraLand. Now I have to get in there and clean up the normally spotless engine compartment.  (Slight <GGG>)
 Now what do I do with the stack of C47C's in the cabinet ?

                                    Ed Lindsay
Ultra's 338/407
66 A/C Corsa
66 283 Crown
Minnie Moore

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"...I cannot get a good seal with the oil filter on my 1965 Corsa 140hp  
engine.  Always use a new Clarks Filter and new gasket but it leaks.   I have 
checked the surface on the filter housing where the bolt is and it is  
smooth, no grooves. Do any of you have some tips?..."

I have been buying "stuff" from Cal since he was working off his kitchen  
table, circa 1973. He has a lot of great stuff; however, though I've tried  
everything (i.e.: checking the sealing surfaces, torquing to  spec, 
re-torquing, etc.) to get his oil filter to reliably seal, I've been  unsuccessful 
(perhaps I'm just stupid). I now use the Corvair filter from NAPA  "Gold", # 
1038 (I believe Wix makes it for NAPA), and no longer have oil  filter leak 
issues (I guess NAPA filters are made for us dummies, but, really,  how hard 
should changing a filter really be?).
Mike Mauro

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