<VV> Sprint sighting

kenharri at comcast.net kenharri at comcast.net
Wed Oct 19 08:57:20 EDT 2011


On Monday, just Northwest of Philadelphia, I saw what I thought to be a Corvair go through the intersection  in front of me as I approached a traffic light.  I turned to follow it and caught it at a stop light.  It was on tractor trailer car carrier with 6 modern vehicles.  I got a pretty good look at it from about 10 feet away for a few seconds.  A beautiful dark blue EM Fitch Sprint.  It looked very straight.  I could not see any plates so I do not know where it was coming from. All I know is that it was North bound, and SHARP! 

Kent Harrington 

'63 Monza Vert, '64 Greenbrier 


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