<VV> Progress on my '66 Monza (Sport Sedan)

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 12:50:31 EDT 2011


Took the '66 to the oil change place yesterday for fresh Mobil 1.  The filter on the car was an AC PF-4, all my research indicated that this was a "spin on" filter and that's what it looked like.  The car has A/C and a factory 90 degree adapter.

Couldn't find a PF-4 in any FLAPS near me nor any "compatible" filters, so I told the guy to change empty the filter, change the oil, and I would order some PF-4s and replace myself.

He had trouble "spinning" the filter off the adapter, then lost what ended up being a bolt!  Noting that the adapter looks like a non-AC mounting, I happen to have a few Clark's filters left over, so I decided to WALK back home (wife and kids when to the mall for the day) and brought back a new Clarks' filter, figuring he could use that one without the 90 degree and at least get the car running again.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Clark's and PF-4 are the SAME filter!!!  He dug around under the shrouding and found the bolt and the C47C bolted up fine.

Lesson learned, the hard way :)

Meanwhile, it seems everthing on that car is either broken or not installed correctly.  She leaks oil from underneath (haven't been able to get under there to determine where/why), thermostat doors are off their hinges (I doubt the thermostats themselves are any good), radio doesn't work, speedo didn't work, brakes were spongy, clunk in drivetrain, A/C disconnected/non-working, heater fan not working, upholstery was ripped, and she has an annoying hesitation during warmup, broken turn signal switch and lever, dying starter and dead battery.  Fuel pump was "misting" from the vent and seller told me this was "normal"  I was lucky that the fuel pump failed only 5 miles from home and I was near a subway.

She needs suspension bushings and probably u-joints on drive axles, new tires (good tread but cracks in rubber on sidewalls), new headliner (have it but not installed yet), new seat/shoulder belts, etc. etc. etc.

But the good news is she's pretty much a solid Corvair with no rust except for surface, engine runs very smoothly and solid, tranny (PG) seems to be fine, handling is ok.

It's just going to take a l-o-o-n-g time to get all the nasty little bugs fixed.  So far:

1.  Adjusted front brakes and bled entire hydraulic system (was upgraded to dual master cylinder sometime during her lifetime)
2.  Fixed speedo with new bearing cap (thanks guys for the advice on this one!)
3.  Re-upholstered rear seat and replaced front seats
4.  Replaced taillight lenses with correct '66 units (had '65 backup lights)
5.  Had car repainted in original Artesian Turquoise (great color btw)
6.  Got A/C and heater blowers working, turned out to be broken switches
7.  Replaced starter
8.  Cleaned one carb, replaced acclerator pump (need to do the other one as well)
9.  Repaired turn signal switch/lever.
10. Installed Clark's electric fuel pump at gas tank underneath.

Another lesson learned:  Never buy or look at a car, at night!!

I miss my '69.

Regards to all...Bill Hershkowitz  66 Monza Sport Sedan A/C 110 PG

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