<VV> Turbo lower shrouds

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Oct 24 23:31:29 EDT 2011

Smitty Says;  There are lots of folks on the list and lots with lots of 
different experiences with different engines and I have been reading yours. 
I have some facts here that are not to be questioned and they are my facts. 
You may have had different experiences under different conditions.  Here 
goes      .Fact one.  I have experienced a 20 degree oil temperature drop 
and a substantial head temp drop every time I take my lower shrouds off. 
(this is with factory recalibrated Westach instruments.)       Fact two.  I 
have tried several times in the past to see what my thermo doors are doing, 
both on the street and on the highway.  It is near impossible to get around 
in back fast enough to get any worthwhile information on where they were a 
few seconds before.    (opinion) If you have had someone drive close enough 
to you at speed on the highway to see where your doors are, here's your 
sign.  You are too stupid to be driving.      Fact three  The GM engineering 
papers indicated that there is no terminal temperature for a turbo engine at 
full throttle and full load.  It just keeps climbing untill you back off the 
power.   Fact four     If you do run a turbo engine wide open for extended 
periods of time you may not destroy the engine but you are going to have 
plumbing problems.  You will have anurisms in crossover pipes and turbo feed 
pipes and you will make the cast iron manifolds revert to sand.  You will 
also errode away the blades on the turbine wheel.  And you will have more 
darn fun than any half dozen NA drivers. 

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