<VV> Overcooling (was: LM turbos and no lower shrouds)

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Tue Oct 25 14:36:43 EDT 2011

 Define operating temperature, and how did you measure it? 

This is where I get the most grief, trying to get accurate data! When I was 
debugging the cooling on my Mazda 13B powered boat, I got all kinds of 'advise' 
from others who tried, like, they couldn't get an oil cooler that worked very 
well, etc.. Adding a decent instrument helps a lot. I bought a Fluke two channel 
digital thermometer and a pair of Type K thermocouples, and that answered a LOT 
of questions. Meaning, often, factory gages aren't worth SQUAT! Turned out my 
oil cooler setup worked fine, and a couple of guys who duplicated said it never 
worked right AT ALL, until I lent them this thing, and gee, it's amazing what 
you learn when you measure stuff accurately! 

So, I ask, how do you know it was overcooled? 


John Roberts


Why most of us should measure "success"  in " HOW LONG [ miles] DID IT LAST" ??

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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