<VV> Speedo pain

Harry Yarnell hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
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If the odo works, then the speedo head is bad.

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On my 62 coupe PG ... for a year or so it has made ticking noises 
both from the rear and under dash.  I never did any thing because of 
all my Corvairs this one has worked the best -- accurate and does not 
wiggle at all.  Now it has gotten cold and it start not working 
(staying at zero) for 10 minutes of driving, and then working 
perfectly.  All this time the odo is fine.  Meanwhile the speedo was 
ugly so I replaced it.  No change.  Another month, and then the 
speedo locked at 100 mph.  Odo worked.

So, I said it must be a lube problem.  Pulled cable.  Spedo went to 
zero as soon as the cable was pulled.  Sticky grease on 
cable.  Cleaned, used graphite, put it back in.  Good news -- it is 
silent on both ends.  The odo works perfectly.  Bad news. No speedo 
not stuck on 100, stuck on zero .  I pulled cable and put a different 
one (ancient NOS).  Same result.  I even measured the miles on the 
odo -- right on.  No noise.  No speedo.  If I put only the cable in 
and twist it wiggles the speedo.  I am pretty sure it is seated well 
when I screw it in.

I find it unlikely that two speedos are bad.  But then two cables 
must be bad?  Cant be the rear piece as the odo works.  Does anyone 
know the internals of the speedo -- does the cable pass through the 
odo first then the speedo?  That would make two bad cables most likely.

Any ideas?


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