<VV> Shipping a door ~ Greyhound (and Amtrak!)~ Really ~ Whodathunk ?

Karl Haakonsen cityhawk at pobox.com
Sun Oct 30 20:55:09 EDT 2011

I have also discovered that Amtrak ships large things inexpensively. Here in Boston, the main Postal Annex downtown is right next to South Station which
is how I discovered that. Like Mike said about Greyhound, it won't ship door to door but terminal to terminal and the recipient has to pick it up at the nearest station.

Karl in Boston

Mike Moyer wrote:
When I owned a Kitchen remodeling business many years ago one on the companies I worked with shipped via Greyhound.
Their truck delivered once a week  but for off schedule greyhound was fast and cheap delivery. only downfall was had to be picked up at Greyhound station and not door to door but worked well for large items

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