<VV> Parts Hoarding Solution

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Thu Jun 7 20:57:40 EDT 2012

At 08:43 AM 6/7/2012, Bill Hubbell wrote:
>I have a similar story. About seven years ago our club (Tidewater) 
>was hosting the Virginia Vair Fair. I wanted to unload some parts 
>but did not have time to sit at a swap lot, so I just laid the parts 
>out with a can and a sign asking folks to pick their parts and leave 
>a donation for the CPF.
>By the end of the weekend most of the parts were gone and there was 
>$243.20 in the can. The CPF got the money and I got a tax deduction 
>and room in my garage.
>Bill Hubbell

Someone did this at a Nationals.   Lots of stuff laid out on a big 
tarp, nobody in evidence but a cardboard sign was posted:

"Take what you want, put what you think it's worth to you in the coffee can."

I picked up a couple of things and dropped some bills in the coffee 
can.   I checked back later, lots of stuff gone and the coffee can 
was close to overflowing.    If nothing else, it proves that Corvair 
folk are generally honest since almost anybody could have looted that 
coffee can but no one did.  Almost anyone could have walked off with 
parts without paying but evidently nobody did.

I smiled and paid for my stuff happily, hoping I gave the guy what 
the stuff had been worth to him.


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