<VV> Mice and schrews

Harry Yarnell hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
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What the Hell does a blind hole have to do with anything?
And Smitty's right, a large non-machine thread fastener is a lag BOLT.

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Smitty says, this is all very well and good.  WE are getting input of an
official variety that carries somewhat of duo-national weight.  This still
leaves a burning question of great importance.  If a screw is over 1/4 inch
but has no machined threads is it still a screw.  By some peoples theory, if
you screw it into a blind hole , it is a screw?  I have a box of 5/16
fasteners with hex heads on them. I always called them  bolts.  Lag Bolts.
But when I need one I screw it right into a blind hole.  Is it then a lag
screw?  I am becoming incapacitated with indecision..


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