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Yeah, they must have done a horrible job, since the car has lasted 50 yr... 

Seriously, amazing it cooled with all the flash. Yes, of course car mfg are 
doing a better job. Just saw a commercial offering a service contract with 
any car if it has less than 130,000 mi... Think about that....

Chuck S

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> In searching for a bad oil leak in my '62 wagon, I pulled the top shroud 
> to
> make sure it wasn't coming from the top engine cover.  It wasn't as it's 
> dry
> as a bone.  But, I looked at the heads and found the worst case of casting
> flash that I've ever seen.  I don't know how the engine could have cooled
> for so many years that way and despite the fact that the car has gone
> through several owners, no one has ever done any deflashing!  That's hard 
> to
> believe but worse yet is that Chevrolet assembled an engine with heads 
> that
> look so bad.  It sure doesn't say much for any quality standards that they
> obviously didn't have.  I sure hope that they are doing better now, but 
> are
> they?
> End of rant,
> RonH
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