<VV> Cpmplaning that after 50 years...

Ron ronh at owt.com
Fri Nov 2 19:08:44 EDT 2012

In searching for a bad oil leak in my '62 wagon, I pulled the top shroud to 
make sure it wasn't coming from the top engine cover.  It wasn't as it's dry 
as a bone.  But, I looked at the heads and found the worst case of casting 
flash that I've ever seen.  I don't know how the engine could have cooled 
for so many years that way and despite the fact that the car has gone 
through several owners, no one has ever done any deflashing!  That's hard to 
believe but worse yet is that Chevrolet assembled an engine with heads that 
look so bad.  It sure doesn't say much for any quality standards that they 
obviously didn't have.  I sure hope that they are doing better now, but are 
End of rant,

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