<VV> Difficult to get to bolt head

Daren Kershaw daren.kershaw1 at btopenworld.com
Sat Nov 24 04:15:54 EST 2012

I've just put the engine back in after replacing just about all of the
bushes, and as usual I follow the instructions to a point, then think I know

I replaced the bolts that attach the rear lower A-arms to the cross member,
and used new bolts with nylock nuts instead of spring lock washers, thinking
I would update the fixings. I put the handbrake cable supports on at the
same time, as I knew that access to these bolt heads was very restricted.

I get it all back in, go to fit the wheel backplates back on the ends of the
arms, get one side on fully with the halfshaft back in and the new brakes
all adjusted properly. Then I go to do the other side and notice that the
handbrake cable needs to run on top of all the other connections (gearshift,
clutch and throttle). Not a problem, I just have to disconnect them all,
route the cable through and connect them again. I'm getting used to how it
all goes together now, but then I notice that the handbrake cable supports
that bolt to the bottom of the A-arms, that I put on before mounting the
cross member, are on the wrong sides and the wrong way round.

Ooops. I managed to get one side off by sliding a spanner into the thin slot
between cross member and body, but the other side (drivers side) has no
space at all, I just can't get to the bolt head.

Does anyone, anyone at all, have any answer to how to get to the bolt head?
I'm assuming I might have to drop the cross member a little, would that give
me the access or does anyone know any tricks?

All help appreciated.



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