<VV> 1964 Spyder Shroud/Tin Question

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 25 18:49:00 EST 2013

Merry Christmas.
I am working on a 1964 Spyder and after removing the carb for repair noticed that the "fresh air inlet piece" (?) (that is connected to the top shroud with a 4" accordion style hose) is smashed and bent open between the turbo mounting base and the firewall. (Air was going into the engine compartment instead of under the top shroud). I am checking to see if the turbo engine shrouding is different from a regular 2-carb engine in that area so as to determine if there was simply an error made by whomever installed the engine or turbocharger, or if it (the firewall and connector) is the wrong design and I need to locate the correct pieces. I think I will have to drop the rear of the engine to get it removed and straightened out, regardless.

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