<VV> 1965-1966 Transaxle gaskets different ?

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Mon Feb 4 20:01:39 EST 2013

I remember this from when I did it on my 65 Corsa.

The front cross member is 'offset' to account for the 66 (Saginaw) being
about 2" longer.

Also, the real problem came from an oil hole that is apparently different,
so the transaxle gasket has to account for that.

The mechanic who did this for me did not know that, which  caused my
transaxle to split in half and actually MELT the teeth on the pinion and big
ring gear, and squished the roller bearings like chewing gum.

It was exciting because we were driving at 70 MPH when we heard screaming
tires, and looked around to see who was in an uncontrolled skid.  It was my
Corsa convert that was slowly coming to a halt, tach at 0 RPM, and unable to
move the car.

The other clue was about 400 feet of skid marks in my rearview mirror
telling me that it was MY car...

It was quite amazing what damage can be done for lack of oil.
It cost several hundred $$ to pay a 'pro' do it for me.  I replaced it next
time, myself.

I'm sure there are other stories out there!  I
I hope this helps prevent that problem for you!


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I'm looking at temporarily swapping the transaxle (i.e differential and
transmission) from my 66 Corsa 4 speed 3:55 positraction unit to a 65
non-positraction transaxle  unit while I overhaul the 66.


I seem to remember that the main cross member has to be changed - may be
other things as well. This is one of things that I used to know but have


I need advice on what I have to do to make the swap and I'd really
appreciate it somebody could send me pictures of a 65 and 66 cross member so
I can match what I have in inventory?





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