<VV> water injection advice needed

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 23:04:48 EST 2013

Apparently Clark's no longer sells a kit for water injection.  I'm pretty
sure I looked at one in their catalog a year or two ago but I could be
remembering wrong.

Either way I want a nice clean water injection installation on my 140.  Can
anyone either point me to a good kit or to thorough instructions on what to
buy and how to put it together myself?

Somewhat related, is their any way to put a knock eliminator on this engine
for under say $300 or so?  I know the unit Clark's used to sell has been
unavailable for some time and wasn't cheap.  I currently have a Pertronix
II and flamethrower coil on this engine but I think the module is acting up
(an intermittent miss started on the way to Sturbridge).  I haven't
verified that is the cause yet but it is my prime suspect.

I'm willing to spend more on this than I was in the past, but my budget is
still very limited.

Thank you for any advice,

Ray Rodriguez III

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