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Mon Feb 25 20:09:08 EST 2013

I have a tranny question.  I have a '65 4spd intalled in a '60, coupled to an "84". (80 hp engine with '61 9-1 heads)  When starting out in first, i hear a tapping or rapping noise, like someone is playing drums in the back of the car.  The instant I shift into second, the noise stops.  There is no noise when the car is sitting still.  It still makes the noise whether the clutch is in or out.   This may also be related.  When the car is sitting, not moving, it goes into first fairly easily.  Engine on or off.  Then, the first few times I need to up or downshift into 1st, it is hard to get into gear.  Also, the first few times I up or downshift into 2nd, its fairly hard to get into gear.  It's never gone into 1st or 2nd easily since i've been driving it.  At first, I thought it might be the clutch.  But then, if it is the clutch, why wouldn't 3rd and 4th be effected too? (They shift fine at all times)  And could the hard 1st and 2nd shifting be related to the tapping?  Basically, what's up with all this?  Thoughts and opinions appreciated. 

Now for the carb question.  When using my "uni-syn" gauge on the '84' engine in the '60, I have an unusual situation.  The gauge, on the left carb (drivers) reads about the first line up from the bottom.  When placed firmly on the top of the carb, it  doesn't change the idle at all.  (This carb seems to work like they are supposed to)  Now, when moved to the right carb (pass.) it reads all the way to the top.  And when you hold it firmly on the carb top, it all but smothers the engine.  It slows down and starts to sputter and run rough.  As soon as I release it, the engine smooths out and runs fine. 

   These are '65 and up bottoms.  I also can't get the linkage right. (This may or may not be related)  Both idle screws are adjusted all the way out so they don't have any effect on the idle.  Once out on the open road, the car runs super otherwise.  I can even get 60mph out of 3rd gear when I put my foot in it. (Without a tach, i'm reluctant to push it any further even though it wants to keep revving)  Again, thoughts and opinions appreciated. 

Thank you 

Randy (Cap'n) Hook 

'60 700 4dr 84/4spd 

'63 ragtop 110/pg 

'65 monza 4dr 84/pg 

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