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Now for  the carb question.  When using my "uni-syn" gauge on the '84' 
engine in  the '60, I have an unusual situation.  The gauge, on the left carb  
(drivers) reads about the first line up from the bottom.  When placed  firmly 
on the top of the carb, it  doesn't change the idle at all.   (This carb 
seems to work like they are supposed to)  Now, when moved to  the right carb 
(pass.) it reads all the way to the top.  And when you  hold it firmly on the 
carb top, it all but smothers the engine.  It slows  down and starts to 
sputter and run rough.  As soon as I release it, the  engine smooths out and 
runs fine. 

These are '65 and  up bottoms.  I also can't get the linkage right. (This 
may or may not be  related)  Both idle screws are adjusted all the way out so 
they don't  have any effect on the idle.  Once out on the open road, the 
car runs  super otherwise.  I can even get 60mph out of 3rd gear when I put my 
foot  in it. (Without a tach, i'm reluctant to push it any further even 
though it  wants to keep revving)  Again, thoughts and opinions  appreciated. 
Randy - The carb settings are screwed up. You should start from the  
beginning. The GM shop manual has a good breakout on how to set up the carbs.  
There are no "idle screws" on our carbs, there are only "idle speed screws" and 
 "idle mixture screws". The Uni-Syn will not flow enough at a regular idle 
level  to feed all six cylinders - that is what your systems is doing, 
(Idling on the  right-side carb only) and why it dies when you choke off the one 
carb that  is doing the work. Your idle, both speed and mixture, will be 
adjusted without  the cross-over linkage being connected. Only after both carbs 
are balanced,  will you hook up the linkage. You will probably get a ton of 
advice on this, it  is one of the basic Corvair tune-up hurdles! - Seth 

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