<VV> ignitor 2 coil question

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 01:27:30 EST 2013

My red car developed an intermittent miss last year that I can only notice
when cruising on 25-45 mph roads.  Someone suggested it was quite likely
that the coil was the culprit, and that they gave up on the flamethrower
coils but that leaves me with a question.

According to Clark's catalog the Ignitor 2 requires the Flamethrower 2
coil, and the Ignitor 1 can not be used with the Flamethrower 2 coil.  Is
this all accurate or is it marketing hype on the part of the Ignitor

If I can't install a standard coil from one of my other cars onto the
Ignitor 2 car I can't test the Ignitor that way to confirm that the coil is
the problem.  If I want to test the Flamethrower 2 coil without the Ignitor
2 I'll have to remove the Ignitor and install points.  This seems to be
quite a nuisance.

Thanks for any help, and thanks to those who offered distributor curve
advice as well!

Ray Rodriguez III

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